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Our Solar Services

Let us help you make your dreams a solar reality.


Our custom Solar Patios are our niche in the industry. We build watertight solar patios that really kills two birds with one stone.  You are adding extra affordable living space to your backyard and producing shade, while at the same time replacing the majority if not all of your current electric bill. The idea behind this is to utilize the money you're giving away to the electric company and directing that to get the patio of your dreams. 

We use American Made Mission Solar panels manufactured in San Antonio, Texas.

These panels are black on black and include a 25-year warranty with the added piece of mind to extend the warranty if desired. These panels will also help protect your roof from hail and wind damage.

We also have freestanding Solar Pergolas that are great to add anywhere in your yard for a nice spot to BBQ and enjoy the outdoors rain or shine.

These can also be built as a carport.. Protect your vehicles from damage due to hail and wind while at the same time powering your home. These typically are freestanding but can also be attached to your home as well.

Our Solar Services

How Much Expected Savings Will You Receive?

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